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Chrome Oxide Green

Chrome oxide green is also named Chromium oxide. Chemical formula : Cr2O3, Molecular weight: 151.99, Melting point at 2266±25℃ ,Boiling point at 4000℃. It is hexagonal crystal or amorphous olive green powder with a metallic luster and magnetic. It is insoluble in water or acid but soluble in hot alkali metal bromate solution. It is extremely stable against light, air, high temperature and corrosive gases with high covering power.

Product Series and Applications of Chrome oxide green:
a) Chrome oxide green pigment grade
Chrome oxide green has excellent stability and is not affected by acid or alkali.
Compared with other kinds of pigments, it also shows excellent color fastness and durability, especially for sunshine, severe weather and heat resistance.
Jinshi is able to provide bluish-green series and yellowish-green series for chrome oxide green pigment grade.


                          A Series(Bluish-green           HSeries (Yellowish-green)

• Pigments in Ceramic, Enamel and Glass industries.
• Paints, Coatings, Printing ink
• Plastics, Rubbers
• Floor coatings ,Colored Asphalt,Concrete
• Environmental friendly pigments (MMO) like copper-chromium black, etc.

b) Chrome oxide green Refractory grade
Chrome oxide green is widely used in the production of high-grade refractory bricks because of its good thermal stability, acid and alkali resistance and high melting point (above 2200 C), especially in coal chemical industry, iron and steel production, glass calcining kiln and other fields.

c) Chrome oxide green Abrasive and Polishing grade
Mohs hardness of chrome oxide green is about 8.5, which is second only to diamond in nature. Due to the high hardness of chrome oxide green,it is widely used in abrasive industry, such as automobile wheel hub, brake pad ,etc. and polishing field, such as grinding and polishing of materials such as semiconductor, precision machinery, etc.

d) Chrome oxide green Metallurgical grade
Chrome oxide green is the main material for the production of metal chromium, which is widely used in metallurgical industry.